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Fabric Swatch Set

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Our online configurator is designed to bridge the gap between online and offline. But sometimes simply looking at a fabric on the screen isn’t quite the same as holding it in your hand - feeling its weight, its texture and seeing with your own eyes, its colour.

This is why we offer all customers the opportunity to order our fabric swatch set - so that you can be sure you’re choosing the right fabric.

You will receive swatches of the winter collection and swatches of the summer collection for a total of +150 swatches!

If you’d like to peruse fabrics that are listed in our online configurator, but are not included in the swatch list, simply write us a note and we will be happy to add them to your fabric swatch set.

Similarly, if you’re looking for something specific that we don’t have listed online, write to us and we will go through our collections to find a fabric that is right for you.

Indulging in the pleasures of Italian craftsmanship from the comfort of your own home has never been so easy… 


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    Customer Reviews

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    Hal S.
    Fabric Swatch Set

    very helpful, have already ordered first pair of pants. Looking forward to more.

    John R.
    Practical... and Inspiring

    One of several ways Rota provide a great quality product and experience...


    Just as promised.

    Luke D.
    Wonderful option to get your order right

    I love having the option to see fabrics in the books! It really helps bridge between the in-person and online made to order processes. There's a great selection of fabrics included, covering all seasons and both more conservative and more out-there colors and patterns. Seeing the fabrics in-person really makes a difference: I ended up preferring a fine pattern that I wouldn't have picked on the online configuration tool because the colors don't translate well to the screen.

    It may seem pricey, but there really are a lot of fabrics included and the swatches are generously sized. It's easily worth the price to have the confidence that you've picked the best fabric once you make an order.

    lawrence m.

    I have not received my order as of yet. However, the company is very transparent with their dealings. Very communicative and helpful. Highly recommend.