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Non solo pantaloni di alta qualità ma anche un servizio al cliente di prim’ordine. I miei complimenti e il mio grazie a Rota per i suoi servizi e i suoi prodotti. TOP.

Wonderful option to get your order right

I love having the option to see fabrics in the books! It really helps bridge between the in-person and online made to order processes. There's a great selection of fabrics included, covering all seasons and both more conservative and more out-there colors and patterns. Seeing the fabrics in-person really makes a difference: I ended up preferring a fine pattern that I wouldn't have picked on the online configuration tool because the colors don't translate well to the screen.

It may seem pricey, but there really are a lot of fabrics included and the swatches are generously sized. It's easily worth the price to have the confidence that you've picked the best fabric once you make an order.

Fabric Swatch Set
lawrence m.

I have not received my order as of yet. However, the company is very transparent with their dealings. Very communicative and helpful. Highly recommend.


This is a birthday present for my son. He is very happy with the pants.

Great products and service

I love these pants, the quality and styles are great, and the extra service with swatches of textiles available is something extra. So high-end, such a good quality and very, very Italian! Thank you!

Great fit and fabric!

Customer service was exemplary! I would highly recommend doing business with them. Beautiful product.

Simply wonderful

Nice cut and fabric in a relaxed style

Finally some trousers that look elegant without trying, so I can dress them up or down depending on the day. Even better, I know I could quickly get another equal pair in a different fabric whenever I wanted to - repetability can be a good friend of your wardrobe :)

Si sono soddisfatto

Sono soddisfatto della serietà, professionalità

top trousers


ordine pantaloni su misua

ottimo servizio on line . Alta qualita' e fattura . Scelta modelli e tessuti molto completa .

Great trousers - As Always

I have ordered many MTO trousers from Rota in recent years and the service and consistent quality is remarkable. The new option, “Comfort Leg “ is highly recommended for anyone who found the standard Rota leg too narrow. Thank you, Rota, for offering this option.

Timeless, beautiful craftsmanship, exceptional fabric.

Look no further for flannel pants – beautiful fabric and warm enough to stand up to colder months. I ordered a custom hem finish and the finished product was superb. Definitely excited to order more pairs from Rota!

Perfect trowsers!!!


NY flannel

Love the style, cloth, details, workmanship & service. Great trousers.

Fabric Swatch Set-Great Idea!

I recently tried on a pair of Rota trousers at the Armoury in NYC. Wonderful fabric and attention to detail but I wanted a higher rise and needed to let the seat out so I opted for the made-to-measure option. So I decided to order the fabric swatch set directly from Rota so I can now just place new orders based on the fabric I want at the time.

flannel trousers

beautiful grey flannel trousers, very nice cut, very attentive by mail to develop and meet my expectations, I recommend.

Perfect Classic trowsers in jeans cloth

Perfect for all time!

High quality and performance, perfect fit

Beautiful gentlemen trousers. My son like ist and he is well dressed with them.

Terrific color - Corduroy in Coffee

Pants were perfect in every way. The sizing through Rota is now dialed in from my first pair. Thanks again!

Perfect trousers!!!

Perfect trousers!!!


Ordered for the first time. High quality, nice fitting and excellent service.