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Great product! Salute signori!

Ottimo come sempre per questo l’ho acquistato

Practical... and Inspiring

One of several ways Rota provide a great quality product and experience...


All excellent, very fast delivery, super nice packaging, great item quality.

Stylish trousers

As is the case for all Rota trousers I have purchased so far, these trousers fit perfectly. The tailoring is of high quality. The covert wool provides both a rustic touch and a slightly lustrous appearance and looks very elegant. Suspender buttons have been added as requested. I am very satisfied with these trousers.

Best brand for trousers (again)

Perfect fit & outstanding quality. Do not hesitate !

Ottimi come sempre

Rota non tradisce mai: pantalone sportivo, di classe. Ottimo tessuto, vestibilita' perfetta


Gentili anche telefonicamente. Fornito informazioni. disponibili alla modifica dell’indirizzo e precisi. Un po’ lunga la consegna anche se nei termini previsti che non può certo inficiare un parere negativo e comprensibile per i tempi di produzione dato che probabilmente non c’è magazzino ma che dire comprensibile per i tempi Henty

Great fit, this is my size

Great fit, this is my size, will be happy to wear them !

Great Fabric, sizing way off

Fabric is great, but size is too large, feels more like a 54 or larger !

Nice material, but sizing is way off

Nice fabric, but cut is too large, seems a 53, instead of 52

Excellent trousers

very comfortable and nice, quality pants! thank you very much

Fantastically comfortable

Very flattering and classic cut

Extremely comfortable and sturdy material

Rota was kind enough to delivery without belt loops on request

Just as promised.

Med Grey Flannel

Beautiful fabric and cut from Rota as always


I love Rota trousers, they are made of good quality material.

Good and quality trousers

I will always patronize your outfit because it feels good on the skin.

Meanwhile, next time I place an order please send via DHL and not FedEx. Thank you.

Grey pair of regular fit donegal wool trousers WINTER
Olivier P.
Great fabric for winter and the Rota quality !

The cut of that pair of trouser is great and the fabric is perfectly adapted for the winter period. Rota quality is there, that’s a perfect garment for casual business or even during the weekend !

Light beige cotton elastan sport trousers WINTER
Fred. G.
Best brand for trousers

Perfect fit, confort and quality. The best value for money on the market.

Great trousers! Amazing quality! Love it!

Top quality product! Warm and stylish trousers!

Grey pair of regular fit worsted wool trousers

Beautiful fabric and cut - looking forward to getting these back from the tailor.

Pensavo che il tessuto fosse più morbido e un po’ meno pesante per il resto tutto bene

Outstanding quality and style

Really great quality and customer service

Sensational. The color is beautiful and the fit is excellent.

Your recent trouser dispatch is sensational. Specifically, the color is beautiful, the fit excellent and the superior customer service superlative.

Lawrence Mintz